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Don’t Let The Holiday Season Sabotage Your Dental Health

During the holiday season, sugary beverages and treats lurk around every corner, and your schedule becomes so packed that remembering to do basic tasks like brush your teeth becomes even more difficult. Together, these circumstances can wreak havoc on your dental health if you’re not careful. Follow these tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy in spite of the holiday craziness.

Avoid Sugary Snacks and Drinks Between Meals

The habit of constantly nibbling on sweets or sipping on hot cider all day is not good for your teeth. It constantly bathes them in sugar, which is a real treat for the oral bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Let yourself enjoy these treats in moderation, but only during or just after meals. Make sure you brush after every meal, too.

Set a “Brush Reminder” Alarm

So you don’t forget to brush your teeth in all of the chaos of gift wrapping, decorating, and cooking, set an alarm reminder on your phone. Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every meal, so set your alarm for about 10 minutes after you typically finish eating breakfast or dinner. If you don’t eat at set times, set an alarm for an hour or so before you usually go to bed, so that at the very least, you remember to brush before you nod off for the evening.

Brush to Your Favorite Holiday Tunes

When you’re in a rush to tackle all of the holiday tasks on your to-do list, it can be tempting to rush through your tooth-brushing session. To make sure you spend enough time to brush thoroughly, try putting on a holiday song while you brush. Continue brushing for the entire duration of the song. Experts recommend brushing for 2 – 3 minutes, and most songs are about 3 minutes long.

Sleep with a Mouth Guard

Holiday stress can cause you to clench or grind your teeth in your sleep, leading to jaw pain and lasting enamel damage. If you have veneers, all of this clenching and grinding may even cause them to chip. Protect your teeth by sleeping with a mouth guard. You can have one custom-made for your mouth by your dentist, or just use a basic sports mouth guard from the store.

The holidays are a time to enjoy the company of family and friends, and to be thankful for the wonderful things in your life. By keeping your teeth healthy throughout this busy time of year, you give yourself one more thing to be thankful for – excellent oral health. Dentists like S & B Dentistry can give you even more helpful tips.

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