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Noninvasive Treatment Of Your Back Pain

It only takes a second, while you’re shoveling snow or carrying in the groceries from the car, to twist your back and cause pain. Back pain remains painful and persistent because you use your back in many ways every day. It’s hard to rest an injured back without staying in bed. There are several ways to treat back pain without undergoing surgery. These noninvasive approaches will help relieve the pain and stiffness in your back while it heals.

Massage Therapy

A typical back injury stretches the muscles along the spine, causing inflammation and pressure on the nerves. A more serious injury is the rupture of a disc that cushions the vertebrae in your spine. This also irritates the muscles and nerves. Massage therapy relaxes the muscles, removing pressure from the nerves to reduce pain. Hot and cold packs may be used to further decrease the inflammation.

As the stress on the back muscles increases, they may start to spasm. This is felt as a sudden jolt of pain. Massage therapy gently relaxes those muscles, stopping the spasms. As the spasms decrease, the inflammation also goes away.

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Physical Therapy

The focus of physical therapy is similar to massage therapy but it uses the natural movement of the muscles to reduce any tension. You will be put through a series of back, hip and leg exercises designed to stretch and relax your back muscles. Care is taken to move your muscles through their natural range of motion and to not overstretch them. Hot and cold packs may be used for inflammation. You will also be taught exercises that you can do at home yourself.

Spinal Manipulation

This technique uses the gradual application of force to move discs and vertebrae away from each other to ease the pressure on muscles and nerves. A chiropractor or osteopath trained in these techniques may use manual manipulation or rely on a machine to apply the force on your spine. The machine puts the spine under a stretching force, and the back is held there for several minutes, relaxed, then repeated.

Spinal Injections

If the back pain cannot be controlled by over-the-counter or prescription medications, a spinal injection of a steroid may be offered. The injection is done at the point of the injury. The steroids quickly reduce the inflammation and pain. Some people receive a series of injections over a period of several months and never need surgery. The injection is done as an outpatient in your doctor’s office or pain clinic.

There are several treatments to try to reduce your back pain before resorting to surgery. You may respond best to a combination of these approaches. Each one offers a level of relief while your back injury heals.

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