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Learn How Dental Sealant Can Be Applied To Your Child’s Teeth For Added Protection From Cavities

Ensuring that your child has a healthy smile for years to come can sometime be difficult. Brushing and flossing is sometimes not enough when it comes to keeping children’s teeth healthy. Teeth in the back of children’s mouths are often very difficult for them to brush well and often develop cavities because of it. Dental sealants are often used for added protection on those hard to reach teeth. The following guide walks you through the process of having dental sealant applied to your child’s teeth.

Have a Thorough Cleaning

Before the sealant can be put on your child’s teeth, they must be cleaned well. The dentist will make sure that all plaque buildup is removed so that there is no barrier between the teeth and the sealant.

Inspection for Dental Issues

Before the dentist applies sealant to the teeth, he or she must inspect the teeth to make sure that there are no cavities that need to be fixed. The dentist cannot put the sealant on teeth that have cavities because it will not work properly.

Drying the Teeth

Before the sealant can be placed on the teeth, they are dried thoroughly. The dental hygienist will usually use a small piece of cotton or gauze to dry the teeth. This allows them to better absorb the sealant once it is painted onto the teeth.

Apply Sealant

Next, the dentist will paint the sealant on the teeth. The sealant is applied with a small brush in thin layers. The dentist allows the sealant to fully dry before applying another layer.


After the sealant is applied, your child will not be able to eat or drink anything for a while. The dentist will tell you exactly how long to wait. It could be a few hours, so be sure your child is not hungry when they go to their appointment. You want to be sure that the sealant has plenty of time to absorb into your child’s teeth so that it can work properly.

Once the sealant is applied, your child’s teeth should be stronger than ever. The sealant will last until their next dental appointment and will not change the look of their teeth at all. Dental sealant is commonly used on children and teenagers, but adults usually do not get sealant on their teeth because many adults have had cavities filled which limits which teeth can actually have the sealant applied to them.

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